Building a Custom Computer

Getting Started on Building a Custom PC

When it comes to building your very own custom PC many people don't know where to start.  In this multi-post tutorial, I am going to walk you through the basics of building a custom PC.

One of the first things to do when building a PC is to make a list. Start thinking about the purpose of the PC to determine the parts you will need to purchase.  Without a set purpose in mind, you could end up spending a few grand on a PC that performs incredibly with no practical uses.  Or spend a few hundred dollars on a PC for gaming that falls short on it's computing power, graphics, storage speed, or any number of other factors.

When you begin making your list you have to include everything that you want this PC to accomplish.  For the purposes of this tutorial, I am going to use four PCs as examples.  The first PC is a high-end monstrous Gaming Behemoth, the second is a quaint little photo-editing machine, the third is your everyday home-office computer, and the fourth is everyone's favorite, a Bitcoin Miner.

Let us start with Computer no. 1

  • Gaming applications. Must run high-use games @60fps or higher
  • General Applications
  • Streaming would be a nice addition
  • Fast access to storage
  • Office work and documents

Now on to Computer no.2

  • Has to run high-quality photo and video editing software
  • Impeccable graphics
  • Fast storage
  • Easily transfer files to and from the workstation
  • General internet usage

Now the list for Computer no. 3

  • General applications
  • Has to run Chrome/Firefox. (duh.)
  • Moderate amount of storage
  • Average internet usage

Last but definitely not least Computer no. 4

  • Has to run Bitcoin mining software
  • Strong connection to the internet
  • Fast access to storage
  • Insane GPU computing power
  • Must be kept cool at all times

These are the lists of things that each computer needs to do in order to perform as intended.  In the next post, I will cover the first piece of hardware everyone should consider, the CPU.

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